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Agriculture: Uniting the Yucatan Peninsula and Texas

The governments of Quintana Roo and Texas work together to foster and consolidate relationships between producers and distributors from both states.

a smiling group of people in a conference room, table with fresh fruit and business flyers

These types of exchanges are important to connect the Yucatan Peninsula with Texas and promote a collaborative and sustainable economy between both states.

January 25, 2024 

During the occasion, various producers from Quintana Roo visited our facilities in McAllen where they learned about our work.

a group of people standing with reflective jackets in a wholesale produce warehouse

Likewise, they had the opportunity to present us with a variety of fresh products grown in the peninsula, such as fruits, peppers, honey and artisanal chocolate. These exchanges allow Quintana Roo producers to have a broader and more diversified market. Without a doubt, this type of collaboration is a great step towards a prosperous future for both regions.

hand grabs chocolate habanero, honey, cacao, yellow dragon fruit

Sweet Seasons is honored to be a part of these business initiatives and grateful for the opportunity to contribute and be a key element in them. We take our responsibility as collaborators very seriously and are committed to providing the best of ourselves to achieve the objectives set. We hope to continue working together and contributing to the success of international projects like these.

a group of five people stand together smiling

A special thank you to the Texas International Produce Administration for bringing us together on this day.


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