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Repack Engineer Supervisor
Job Duties:

Automation of agricultural product selection process incorporation of technology and industrial equipment solutions to goods and selection proceses to achieve the end product with quality standards. Designing and improving systems for physical distribution of goods, improve distribution plant processes and current information systems. Elaborate operational and risk prevention policies according to improved goods selection procedures. Manage floor of goods including movement and storage of products. design control systems to coordinate activities and distribution planning. Enact quality control procedures to resolve distribution problems and minimize costs; provide to employee's equipment specification and risk prevention information, coordinate activities and ensure product quality; improve goods arrival-distribution flow; design imported agricultural products damage prevention systems, improve packing methods to prevent delicate fruits and vegetable damage, increase productivity through management of employees, methods of floor plan organization, and technology. optimization of warehouse spaces and workers coordination systems, reducing cost associated with payroll and new technologies, making distribution plant operative methods safer, faster, easier, and more profitable. Use metric system of measurement in plant operation. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering, plus 24 months of experience in position(s) with similar job duties. NOTE: APPLICANT MUST HAVE PROOF OF LEGAL AUTHORITY TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES.

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