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Elixir Maya

Discover one of the multiple uses of cactus pear and xoconostle with this refreshing drink.

Cactus Pear/ Prickly Pear/ Tuna:

Cactus pear has a similar texture to a kiwi due to its edible seeds. Available year-round in red, green or orange color. Because of its shape and color, the prickly pear represents the human heart, which was offered as a sacrifice to the sun by the Mayans.

Xoconostle/ Sour Pear:

This fruit looks very similar to the prickly pear, until cut open, it is usually smaller. The word Xoconostle comes from Nahuatl. Xococ - sour | nochtli - prickly pear fruit. Those who eat xoconostle typically only use the skin, here we show you how to make use of the inside.

Elixir Maya Syrup:

It is up to you to choose which of these delicious fruits you will use to make the syrup. We recommend you try both, for this drink recipe, and choose your favorite!


Cactus Pear


Persian lime




Step 1 Carefully peel the fruit, remove the skin and place the flesh in a container. Tongs and/or gloves can be used to avoid getting hurt with glochids.

Step 2 Crush the pulp until there are no significant solid pieces, this can be done by hand or in a blender.

Step 3 With a strainer, strain the seeds and pour the fruit into a pot. Add water and bring the mixture to a boil over medium-low heat, taking care that it does not burn. Step 4 Once the mixture boils, let it rest until it reaches room temperature, add sugar and Persian lime juice to taste.

Pro tip: This syrup of prickly pear or xoconostle can be used to make jams, drinks, desserts, among other things.

Elixir Maya Drink:

This refreshing drink is as easy as 1-2-3.


Elixir Maya Syrup


Tequila (can be substituted with liquor of choice)

Persian lime


Step 1


Step 2

One shot of tequila

Step 3

Fill with Elixir Maya Syrup

Pro tip: Garnish with some Persian lime.



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