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Discover the smooth and sweet taste of this exotic fruit.


A delicacy
thats Grows in Mexico & Guatemala


Rambutan is mainly grown in the southern regions of Mexico where the climate is warm and humid, which mimics its native habitat. Now that the season has began Sweet Seasons brings to you this amazing fruit.

Packed for your convenience

Sweet Seasons offers a diverse range of product presentations, tailored to suit your preferences and needs.

  • 5 lb carton
  • 15 lb plastic
  • 112 boxes per pallet
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How to cut a rambutan

Take a bite of sweetness

The Time to Enjoy the Sweet Taste of  Fresh Rambutan has come

This Spring Sweet Seasons brings you the freshest Rambutan from Mexico. Enjoy every bite of this delicious and exotic fruit.


Sweet, Exotic & Healthy

A tasty fruit with amazing health benefits.

Rambutan is not only rich in vitamin C, but also packed with essential minerals that boost your immune system.

Fruits that make huge impact in the communities

An Exotic Fruit that's good for you

Your Personal Bodyguard

Fresh Rambutan has Vitamin C that works as your body's own superhero, swooping in to defend against threats and keep your immune system in top shape. 


A Gift for your body

Incorporating fresh rambutan into your diet can significantly benefit your overall health. Rich in potassium, rambutan supports the optimal functioning of essential organs such as the heart and kidneys, while also promoting improved muscle performance.

Help from the inside 

Due to its high fiber content, consuming fresh rambutan can enhance the resilience of your digestive system and alleviate constipation, promoting smoother digestion and bowel movements.


2024 Season is Here
May to December

Haven't tasted it before?

This hairy red fruit, that may look like something grown out in space, is often described as sweet and creamy, like a mix between a grape and a cherry.

Sweet Seasons brings you two varieties of Rambutan, each one with its singularities, but they share one thing in common its sweet and delicious taste.



  • Green spikes

  • Thin skin

  • Crunchy flesh



  • Red spikes

  • Juicier flesh

  • Sweeter taste


Looking for something Fresh & Sweet?

Rambutan pineapple Smoothie


A perfect treat if you’re in the mood for some sweet exotic refreshment. 


A Healthy Lifestyle Begins With Nutrition 

Hear it from the experts!

Beyond its delicious flavor, Fresh Rambutan offers multiple benefits to the human body due to its rich nutrient profile. This exotic fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve overall health and boost the immune system.

Certified Goodness

Our rambutan is grown in GLOBALG.A.P. ® certified orchards and packing houses, ensuring a product that meets the highest standards.

Interested on more exotic fruits?

is here, offering a wide array of the freshest and most exotic fruits.

Always Fresh,
Always Available,

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