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Figs are low in calories and make for a great snack, an excellent addition to salads or desserts. 





Harvested in Mexico, the Black Mission variety is available October through May. This crop originated in the Middle East centuries ago and arrived in Mexico in the 1500’s by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries.


Due to its climate, Mexico is suitable for the productions of fresh high-quality figs.


ripe Figs

Packed with nutrients and a variety of potential health benefits this teardrop resembling fruit has a mild, sweet taste.

Fresh figs can be enjoyed in different ways, including raw. You can also eat the skin, seeds and all.


Eat them as a snack or use them in a wide variety of dishes, no matter how you enjoy them: grilled, baked or stuffed. However, the quickest and easiest way to enjoy these gems is by removing the stem and taking a bite right out of the raw fig.


Whether used in sweet or salted dishes, figs are great with a wide range of complements. Basically you can’t go wrong if you pair figs with almost anything: nuts, cheese, honey, wine, spices, etc.

Give your dishes a fresh twist.

Ancla 1

Black Mission



· Teardrop shape

· Edible blackish-purple skin

· Pink flesh

· Hundreds of tiny seeds

· Soft, jammy texture

· Ultra-sweet flavor

Fresh figs are low in calories and contain a perfectly  balanced mix of vitamins and minerals.

Figs are always right!

Focaccia with figs


Arugula salad with figs


Toast with figs and cream cheese


Figs aren’t only delicious and useful in many dishes, but they’re also a great way to get fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all of which are nutrients that we don’t get enough of regularly.


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