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The Mexican Way of Cooking

September is known as "el mes patrio" or the patriotic month, as México celebrates its independence from Spain. September 16 marks the official independence day of México, though the celebration begins since the 15th were people gather to give "el grito" at midnight, screaming "¡Viva México!" proudly.

Food brings people together

Nothing brings people together quite like food. How do we incorporate that into the patriotic month of September? By adding the countries flag to everything, of course. From face paintings, to hair braids, down to the food, you will find the Mexican flag everywhere you look.

Below are a list of ingredients that bring the Mexican flag and flavor to our food.

La bandera Mexicana/the Mexican flag:

  1. Roma Tomato

  2. Peppers, especially jalapeño and serrano

  3. Onion

Complimentary Ingredients:

  1. Avocado

  2. Garlic

  3. Cilantro

  4. Cebollita

  5. Corn

  6. Lime

  7. Nopal/ Cactus Leaf

  8. Radish

  9. Chayote

  10. Tomatillo

  11. Beans

All these ingredients, and more, available at Sweet Seasons.


Easy Recipes


  1. Dice jalapeño or serrano, onion, roma tomato and cilantro.

  2. Mash avocado.

  3. Add lime and salt.

Salsa Roja:

  1. Boil or roast jalapeño and/or, onion, roma tomato, dry chile de árbol and garlic.

  2. Blend or used a molcajete until desired consistency is reached.

Salsa Verde:

  1. Boil or roast jalapeño and/or serrano, onion, tomatillo and garlic.

  2. Blend or used a molcajete until desired consistency.

  3. Add cilantro for extra taste.

Nopales a la Mexicana:

  1. Dethorn nopales/cactus leaf and cut into squares, boil.

  2. Dice jalapeño, onion, roma tomato finely, cook stovetop. and once softened combine with nopales/cactus leaf. Salt.

*Add eggs to make it a breakfast.

Papas a la Mexicana:

  1. Cut potatoes into squares, cook covered stovetop until softened. Uncover and let potato cook through.

  2. Chop jalapeño, onion, roma tomato into squares and add to potatoes. Salt.

*Add eggs to make it a breakfast.


Felices fiestas patrias.

¡Viva México!


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